Welcome to Romblings! 🌱

A hodge-podge of a digital gardendigitalgarden, a codex vitaecodex, a blog, and a wiki. It's somewhat the sum of all my knowledge. Constantly evolving, changing, and morphing.

This contains (or will contain) a lot of resources, my thoughts and opinion on a lot of things, some reflections, about philosophies and concepts that have really changed my life, and maybe some rants.

You'll find writings of all kinds here; Psychology, Epistemology, Politics, Tech, and everything under the sun. You will also find a lot of broken links and dead-ends or stub articles. It's a work in progress, perpetually.

<<<<<<< Updated upstream Some good pages to start are Philosophies, useful tools, []]. Or explore some tags! Dive in, choose any topic that seems interesting to you. === Some good pages to start are [concepts, useful tools, my mental health mental health toolbox. Or explore some tags! Dive in, choose any topic that seems interesting to you.

Stashed changes

NOTE - I will try my hardest to make a clear demarcation between my beliefs and opinions, and facts by stating what is what. If the page has a tag that says "blog", it is mostly my opinions and beliefs. On pages that are based on established concepts, I might have a section called "My Take" which contains my opinions, which can range from incohenrent and irreverent to hopefully, insightful.

If I do slip up, let me know. Transparency is one of the core tenets. However, do remember that this is the Internet after all, and take everything with a grain of salt.

Some things here might not apply to you, might be wrong, or straight up silly. I'd love to hear your opinions, though! Leave a message on the chatbox on my site. I'm adding more ways to contact me, and also a discussion page for Romblings.

What is a digital garden? 🌸


  • Everything is linked; to find links between seemingly unrelated things - even if the links are meaningless and are a result of correlation and nothing more
  • A personal wiki for me. You know how you want to pull up a particular study, or a particular statistic, or something else to win an argument but good ole tip-of-the-tongue syndrome hits? No? Just me? Okay. . .
  • To preserve knowledge and archive things interesting to me
  • To reflect and ponder, to welcome change instead of resist it. To revisit concepts and re-examine my views.
  • To make sure it's available to everyone
  • Zettelkasten Method (heavily inspired, loosely implemented)
  • To find how many times I refer to a topic, concept or even a phrase!
  • To reflect and remember what I've learnt

  1. A great writeup on Digital Gardens https://cagrimmett.com/notes/2020/11/08/what-are-digital-gardens/.
  2. A Codex vitae is a 'living document'. Coined by Robin Sloan. Popularized by Buster Benson. https://busterbenson.com/blog/2012/11-28-codex-vitae/